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Benefits of QuickBooks Online vs QuickBooks Desktop


Eliminate Computer Back-Ups:  Intuit automatically backs up all your data and stores it on their servers.


Shared Data Access:   Anyone with a username and password can get to your company data from any computer anywhere.


Receive Electronic Payments Directly: No need to go to the bank. You can get paid through QuickBooks Online merchant service system.


Email Invoices to Clients: No need to mail paper invoices or print and scan them. QuickBooks Online will e-mail invoices and it will e-mail them on a recurring basis to save you time.


Automatic Bank Feed:  No need to manually enter transactions and verify things are correct.  QuickBooks Online connects to thousands of banks and credit card companies around the world.


i-Phone and i-Pad Apps: Get to your QuickBooks Online from your mobile devices.  These apps sync up to your QBO on your laptop or desktop.  Check reports, edit invoices, you can do most anything from these apps also.


No More Software Upgrades: Because you pay a monthly fee, QuickBooks Online is always updated  real-time for your company. You enjoy the latest improvements!

Benefits of QBO
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